Christmas Karaoke



  1. It would very much make my day if you could confirm that this video was created at 8:47am (rather than the more casual 8:47pm), implying this little gem had been brewing in your mind overnight leading you to propel yourself out of bed FIRST THING to get straight to it. God bless George Michael for his denim jackets and catchy tunes

      • There is nothing better than buying a pair of themed underwear – and being unsure of the purchase at the time considering their usefulness only in niche situations – and then actually NEEDING them to fulfil a moment of comedy magic. I love it when a plan comes together

      • Indeed. It’s even better when you find said underwear in a chest of drawers in the flat you’ve just moved into (I did wash them several times before I wore them). My new years resolution is to get the accompanying anchor.

      • I enjoy how washing them more than once removes the social awkwardness of wearing some one else’s underwear. It falls into the same category as not having to brush your teeth when you’re on holidays, and being able to wear pyjamas to the shops when they are <2 min walk from your apartment (regardless of amount of time spent in shop around other human beings who KNOW FULL WELL you are in sleep wear)

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