Motivation Technique via Date and Earl Grey Tarts with Cheese and Rosemary


On Monday morning I stared at my computer screen, refreshing my twitter feed every thirty seconds. My brain felt gloopy, and as it sloshed around within my head, any thought of being productive was quickly submerged. I needed wholemeal, for it would solidify my thoughts and possibly motivate me to actually do something, and I was convinced that the rubbing of butter and flour between my fingers might excite my brain in some way.

I had somehow acquired about 80 jars of date and earl grey jam (a not very amusing anecdote I may one day tell my dinner party guests to try and get them to leave) and I figured that the preserve would fit nicely in some shortcrust wholemeal tarts. The jam was similar in consistency to how my brain felt at the time, and I felt that the combination of this with the cheese and rosemary would give me the sweet, perfumed, salty punch in the face that I needed to make me get off my sofa and operate like a real person.

earl grey tart1

Spoon the jam into tart cases and top with whatever cheese, be it cheddar, Brie or goat. Sprinkle with chopped rosemary and bake for about 20 minutes at gas mark 6.



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