Matcha Cakes with an Apple and Jasmine Jam Centre, Topped with a Matcha Crumble via Job Hunt Avoidance


I was lethargic, overcome with ennui as I tried once more to look for a job. As my eyelids grew heavier whilst my finger scrolled down the arts jobs page in vain, the doorbell rang and I opened it to find that I had received a package. Upon my word, the excitement I felt when I opened up the box to see that the lovely people at teapigs had sent me an emergency supply of their matcha green tea powder! I felt I was in dire need of antioxidants and energy, but I also really wanted some cake (one can get rather famished when dealing with job rejection emails), so I stopped working on my application for Archive Assistant at the Institute of Contemporary Pugs and headed into the kitchen…








  1. this looks delicious! I just got back from Japan and I love matcha anything!!!
    your illustrations are completely adorable 🙂
    xo nata

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