Vegetable Gesture: Serious Works by Christian Savarge

IMG_0853Site-specific banana installation piece, 2013

Savarge’s practice deals with material gesture and the sculptural form within space, often working with found objects and philosophical references. His new exhibition presents a series of serious and intricate works that further his exploration of #time, #place, #space, #form, the interior, fruit & veg, The Real and The Organic.

“I’m interested in The Raw, and in the kind of gesture that can be produced by something in a state of purity and un-purity. But also in The Baked, like transformation and un-transformation. My work explores ideas of vegetable gesture and its place within space, which stems from my interest in architectural history.”

The work is comprised of various sculptures and installation pieces. A solitary banana sits on a shelf, embodying the histrionics of fresh produce in consumerist space. Elsewhere a baby courgette sits resolutely in a jam jar, raising questions about time and piccalilli as well as being a comment on The Preserved.

IMG_1361Courgette in jam jar installation piece, 2013

“I was interested in what it means to be a banana in the consumerist sphere, or realm. For a while I wasn’t aware that bananas had seeds, but then I read Bourriaud’s Relational Aesthetics and found out that they do actually have seeds, they are just very small. This led me to explore ideas of the un-noticeable.”

Savarge has created a new work for the exhibition, Untitled is comprised of a wooden frame with raw pastry hanging over it. On the floor, at a 45 degree angle, is a copy of Henri Lefevbre’s Critique of Everyday Life , open at page 154. The piece explores ideas of The Raw and The Un-Baked, imbued with several layers of meaning.

IMG_1365Post-Apocalyptic Bakewell site specific sculptural work, 2013

Vegetable Gesture: Serious Works by Christian Savarge is on Instagram Oct 4 2013 – Jan 10 2014


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